Hockey Tours

New Zealand is a fantastic destination for any touring hockey team. Hockey is one of this country's favourite winter sports and there's no shortage of clubs or schools willing to host travelling teams.

Let NZ sports tours organise a tour for your team allowing you to experience the very best of this country, from adrenaline based activities through to casual sightseeing we can put together a tour that suits your every need. We'll find suitable opposition to ensure you get the most out of the matches you play and take you to parts of the country that will ensure your trip to New Zealand is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Tours are generally based around north Island regions, please read below for further details and potential itineraries of tours.

Total New Zealand

New Zealand has two great Islands so why not see them both! Begin in Christchurch before heading north through Kaikoura to Nelson. Cross the Cook straight into New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, follow the East Coast to the Hawkes Bay before hitting Taupo and Rotorua where you can enjoy a host of activities such as Bungy jumping and white rafting. Matches and training will be mixed in along the way and the tour concludes in Auckland. We recommend at least a couple of weeks to see these fantastic sights.

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Amazing North

Beginning in Auckland the tour heads to the picturesque Northland. Matches will be arranged in Whangarei and the tour will include visits to Paihia, 90 Mile Beach and Waitangi. The tour will loop back down to Auckland for further matches in the city centre where there will be time to take in what Auckland has to offer such as a vibrant nightlife or the scenic skywalk depending on your group.

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Tourism Adventure

A tour designed to take in the very best of New Zealand's tourism hot spots. From Auckland the tour heads to Rotorua and Taupo two fantastic destinations where matches will be played and off field activities from Bungy Jumping to soaking in hot pools can all be experienced. From here depending on timeframes the tour can loop through the stunning Coromandel before departing back out of Auckland.

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The Great South

The winter months are the ideal time to enjoy New Zealand’s South Island. Begin your tour discovering Christchurch before heading south for you first match in Dunedin. Popular tourist destinations, Milford Sounds, Queenstown and Wakana are next where there is loads of adrenaline based activities. The tour will then loop around through the West Coast over to Kaikora, with time for some amazing Whale watching before finishing up back in Christchurch.

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